Substrate Cleaner - Gravel & Substrate Cleaner Bacteria

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Substrate Cleaner is a specially developed mix of bacteria for the biological breakdown of detritus and waste products on the substrate as well as rocks for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Substrate Cleaner safely removes organic deposits, eliminates harmful gaseous compounds and completely breaks down phosphate and nitrate sources on substrate and rocks.

Substrate Cleaner contains mangrove mud identical to that found in nature, with the bacteria that occur there for clean and healthy water.



• The clouding caused by the Substrate Cleaner is absolutely harmless and disappears after 24-72 hours.

Ozone and UV light can kill bacteria; please switch it off during the application for 12-24 hours.

• Use the Substrate Cleaner to remove phosphate deposits in the saltwater weekly (10 ml per 200 litres of water) in combination with Phos-Out 4.


Add 20 ml per 100 litres of water every 2 weeks until the substrate is clean.

Maintenance dosage:

Add 20 ml per 100 litres of water once a month.