Special Blend - Water Care Bacteria

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Special Blend is a specially formulated consortium of bacteria designed to create a stable biological system in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Functions and Benefits:

• Breaks down organic waste.

• Improves growth and nutrient uptake in plants and corals.

• Aids in the reduction of ammonia and nitrite.

• Biologically reduces nitrate.

• Breaks down excess proteins.

• Removes odors.

• Clears water.

• Reduces maintenance.

Special Blend provides the assistance needed to break down organic waste and cycle certain elements e.g. nitrogen, sulfur, etc. which may build up in your tank.

Special Blend is all natural and contains live bacterial cultures, for a clean saltwater and freshwater aquarium.

Special Blend smells of sulphur; the odour disappears completely after application.

Special Blend is a biological ecosystem in a bottle, which is why colour, smell and appearance can vary. This does not affect its high standard of quality.



• Ozone and UV light can kill bacteria; please switch it off during the application for 12-24 hours.

• For optimum results, add Special Blend directly into the aquarium during the light phase.

• Store the bacteria solution in its original bottle, or else it loses its effectiveness.

• When setting up saltwater aquariums, add Special Blend 24 hours after adding the saltwater.

• Ensure that there is always plenty of space for bacteria to settle by using the right filter media such as Ceramic Rings.

• Bacteria can lower the pH value; check it regularly.

• Saltwater inhibits the growth of bacteria; for faster results, add an additional 25-50%.

• Wait 72 hours after the administration of medicines before adding another dose.

• Ensure that there is sufficient oxygen/circulation in your aquarium.

• Special Blend combined with TheraP is the ideal biological overall solution for caring for your aquarium and its inhabitants.


Initial dosage per 100 litres of water:

Day 1                                 25 ml

Day 8, 15, 22, 29               15 ml

Maintenance dosage per 100 litres of water:

Every 2 weeks                  7,5 ml