Profilux 4 - Essential

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Aquarium Controller for controlling light, and measurement and control of pH/Redox and Temperature. Power Supply, Digital Temperature Sensor and USB-Cable are included.

ProfiLux 4e -  The “e” in ProfiLux 4e stands for essential

The ProfiLux 4e features the same high degree of quality and reliability as the flagship ProfiLux 4.

With ProfiLux 4e, users who do not – or not immediately – need all the features of ProfiLux 4 are offered a more affordable alternative to ProfiLux 4 without sacrificing the essential.

In comparison to ProfiLux 4, ProfiLux 4e has in the basic configuration one switchable pH/ORP input instead of two and no conductivity input, and in addition the less required S ports (digital outputs / connection for classicpowerbars) have been removed. Otherwise ProfiLux 4e is identical to ProfiLux 4.

An upgrade to the full range of functions of the ProfiLux 4 is possible at any time later, either by inserting expansion cards or by connecting an expansion box.

Built-in WiFI and USB connections ensure optimal connectivity to keep you well informed about the status of your aquarium via web interface, e-mail, and myGHL cloud service.