ATI Carbo Ex Air Filter 1,5 Liter Incl. 1000 g Granulate

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The ATI Carbo Ex 1 litre unit is a disposable air filter that connects to your protein skimmer as a ready to fit filter cartridge for up to 95% removal of CO2, and fine particles from the air supply, such as dust and pollens etc.

The CO2 absorbing media changes colour from white to blue when exhausted and on these 1 litre units simply replace with a new one.

A larger 4 litre refillable is available for the larger aquarium systems which are £69.99 and £24.99 for the 3250g refillable C02 media when it’s required.

The CO2 removal helps to raise and maintain a stable pH value which is highly beneficial to the overall health of your aquarium improving the corals health and growth being an effective preventative measure at removing airbourne pollutants from entering the aquarium.

You can reduce algae in a natural way by using the Carbo Ex’s connected to your aquariums protein skimmer air intake as it will remove the CO2 that algae needs to grow. Without the CO2 algae are unable to Photosynthesize and in this way CO2 comes to a limiting factor for all algae (cyano, hair algae etc.)