AIO Black

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All in one place.

An all-in-one aquarium that gives you more of what you love, in a larger more customizable design.

Built-in Filtration

The AIO filtration is designed to be used with freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The rear chambers allow for personalized use of media and reactors. The unique filtration and baffle system forces the water to travel through the filter socks and then flow into chambers adequately sized for multiple types of filtration media. This unique design also eliminates air bubbles in the system.

Y-Flow Nozzle

Features Y-Flow adjustable return nozzles for precise water agitation.

Filter Socks

Includes two 2.75” 225 Micron Filter Socks.
*AIO 50.3 and AIO 65.4 have four 2.75” 225 Micron Filter Socks



Available in 36" and 48" length, the PENINSULA AIO provide  another angle for all-in-one aquariums.

Interchangeable Access 

Unique to the PENINSULA AIO 3620 and 4820, you can decide which side to position the doors.

Strength & Stability

Waterbox furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces with our first in class cabinetry and finishes.
Available in Black, White, and Oak.

Plywood Construction

Solid plywood construction ensures stability and longevity.

Soft Close Doors

PVC coated hinges with soft close doors.

Leveling Feet

Leveling feet to provide long-lasting support and stability.


Recessed push-open hardware.