AF Zeo Mix 1000 ml

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ZEO MIX - selected blends of zeolites


Zeolites are particularly recommended in tanks with plentiful livestock and or ULNS tanks. Due to carefully designed composition, Zeo Mix is a comprehensive, multifunctional filtration mediaZeo Mix perfectly absorbs ammonia and ammonium ions in the initial phase thus inhibiting the increase of nitrate concentrations. In addition, it bonds phenols and heavy metalsZeo Mix is especially recommended to demanding marine tanks.






  • 100 ml per 100 l of water in the aquarium.
  • Before using Zeo Mix, we recommend rinsing it in RODI water.
  • It can be used in a media reactor as well as in a filter mesh bag or sock.
  • Zeolites do not require shaking – they can be placed in a fluidised filter.
  • The recommended flow through the bed is 300-500 l/h.
  • Zeo Mix should be replaced every 6 weeks.
  • Zeo Mix does not lower the potassium level in the water.
  • Because of very high adsorption capabilities of zeolites, Zeo Mix should only be used in reef tank by experienced aquarists.




Keep away from children! Product for aquarium use only! Not suitable for human consumption!